- Moral Insanity - Re-Inkarnation

Дата добавления: 2017-05-26

Исполнитель: - Moral Insanity

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Название песни: Re-Inkarnation

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Текст песни:

I am coming to the places
Where my subconscious revives
Immersed in deep hypnotic sleeping
I get over limits of the time

I know secret of me bygone life
Light of knowledge get in
Darknes now

I get slowly to the unknown
Seting up shards of memory
My souls is returned to late body
Somewhere in forgotten century

I know secret of my bygone life...

I was born to can be free only
Wild blood is running through my veins
I don't serve to any master
Nobody can me enchain

I know secret of my bygone life...

I life on my own way only
Loving blue sky over my head
My mind is free my soul is unleashed
I'm rebel without fear of death

I know secret of my bygone life...

I've nothing but all the world bolong to me
Sword by my side is my best friend
Nobody deprives my of my ideals
My fate is such what I it prepred

I know secret of my bygone life...

I am coming back from places
Where my bygone life once died
Deprived of all my thoughts and ideals
Back to reality of this cursed time

I know secret of my bygone life
Shadows of the past are lost in time


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