-40 - So Destructive

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Исполнитель: -40

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Название песни: So Destructive

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Текст песни:

It's so destructive
Counter productive
How we gonna make it
When we do not know where love lives x 2

I'm not seeing what you're saying
All the games that you are playing
Look like tactics for delaying
While we're on our knees and praying
Making and breaking
Sitting and debating
The art of speculating
Then accumulating

I'm not buying what you're selling
All your shouting and a yelling
And the lies that you are telling
Don't strike me as compelling
Picking and choosing
Winning and losing
Cutting and bruising
Using and abusing

I'm not taking what you're giving
The elections you are rigging
From your penthouse living
The deals that you are fixing
Creeping and crawling
Running and falling
Stopping and stalling
Crying and bawling

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