Ian Van Dahl - Reason

Дата добавления: 2016-12-17

Исполнитель: Ian Van Dahl

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Название песни: Reason

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Текст песни:

I think its time
To talk to you
I think its time
To realise
Where is the love

Are we gonna
Stay together
Or is it time
To say goodbye
Where is the love

Give me a reason
To hold on to
What we've got
Must be a reason
To hold on to
What we've got

Time has come
To set
Things right
Is it worth
Another fight

Tell me the truth
Is there
Something on
Your mind
Tell me what you
Hide inside
Tell me the truth


Are there things
That i should
Know, will
You stay or
Will you go
Where is the love

Tell me is there
Hope inside
Gotta read
Between the
Lines, Where is
The love


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